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Natural Mattress

SERVING ALL AREAS:  800-233-7382

Latex as found in nature is a milky fluid found in 10% of all flowering plants. In most plants, latex is white.  Since the 17th century, latex has been used as a term for the fluid substance in plants.  The major commercial source of natural rubber latex is the Pará rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis.  This species is preferred because it grows well under cultivation.   WHAT ARE THE REASONS TO INVEST IN A TALALAY LATEX NATURAL MATTRESS?  It offers “bottomless” pressure relief for your body. Whether you are on your back or side, you will have less pressure on more inches of Talalay latex. Did you know when you lay on your side, your shoulders and hips have 7 times more pressure on them than when you lay on your back? Pressure relief is important to your muscles and it keeps the circulation to your extremities so you don’t have numb fingers, hands and arms. But more importantly, your body responds to pressure by moving during the night which will likely lessen the quality of your sleep.  It offers “uplifting” support for your body.Your body needs support. It needs it for ideal body alignment and ideal spinal alignment. The benefit of good support is good posture. We love the phrase, better posture at night equals better posture during the day. Talalay latex offers an effect that is not found with traditional bedding materials. Talalay latex is uplifting and it is also pressure relieving. All other materials in a mattress are either one or the other, but not both. Most people think they need a firm bed, but that is only partially true. They need a bed with strong support, but they also need a bed that offers pressure relief on top of that. Firm on the bottom and soft on top is probably a more ideal formula.  It offers a “resilient” natural rubber construction.  Most people want a natural mattress to last a long time. It is a big investment. Simply put, you can buy an $1,000 natural mattress three times over the years or you can buy one $3,000 natural mattress and have it last 15 years. The Talalay latex natural mattress is incredibly resilient. The easiest way to understand that Talalay latex lasts longer is to understand that Talalay latex is a rubber not a poly foam. Rubber is more resilient. It’s the nature of the material.